The Chairs Leadership Program (CLP), which started in the 2007-2008 academic year, is a program of the College of Arts and Sciences offered in collaboration with the Institute for the Arts and Humanities.

The College recommends but does not require participation by newly appointed and reappointed chairs. The CLP is an addition to the College’s ongoing program of support for chairs, which also includes the annual chair’s retreat, the chair’s council, the chair’s manual and the assistance of the senior associate deans and other members of the Dean’s staff.

Department chairs provide an important service to their colleagues and the university as a whole and sometimes face demanding and difficult situations. Chairs help form the strategic direction for their departments and manage budgets, instructional programs and new faculty recruitment. They have major responsibility for developing and evaluating new faculty.


Modeled on the IAH’s Academic Leadership Program (ALP), the CLP offers first-time and reappointed chairs a year of monthly confidential conversations in which they can share ideas, identify best practices and explore important issues related to the important roles they play within the university.

Topics for discussion may include the chair’s role in mentoring and evaluating new faculty, developing incentives and rewards for faculty productivity, strategic leadership and departmental goal setting, dealing with difficult interactions, developing new departmental resources and encouraging a collegial climate.

The CLP incorporates a mentoring component by including in each class a mix of returning and newly appointed chairs. Like the ALP, each CLP group has the option of meeting on its own after the completion of the initial year, thus forming a continuing support group for chairs.


All newly appointed or reappointed chairs in the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible to participate in the year of their appointment or reappointment.

For more information, contact:

Bill Balthrop
Chairs Leadership Program Director
(919) 962-4982

Rob Kramer
IAH Senior Leadership Consultant