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Hyde Hall is available free of charge for activities directly related to our mission of supporting faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences who work in the arts, humanities, and qualitative social sciences.

The building is not available for courses, class meetings or recurring events.

Groups that reserve Hyde Hall spaces are responsible for the following:

  • Making arrangements for catering
  • Security fees, if applicable
  • Movers fees, if applicable, or setting up and putting away all furniture
  • Reading and following the alcohol policy, if applicable
  • Making arrangements for technology training, if applicable
  • Clean up of all spaces used
  • Keeping the IAH informed about any changes to reservations or cancellations
  • Paying any fees or charges associated with policy violations or damages.

Hours of Operation

Normal bookable time slots for Hyde Hall are between 9 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Booking outside of these time slots will require security to be present in the building.

Please Note:

  • To book an event before 5:00 pm we require at least 2 weeks notice and no more than 6 months notice
  • To book an event after 5:00 pm we require at least 4 weeks notice and no more than 6 months notice.

Security for After-Hours and Weekend Events

The Institute for the Arts and Humanities requires security for events outside of our normal hours of operation. The IAH will book a security officer through the UNC Department of Public Safety for all events after 4:30 p.m. or on weekends.

For events booked Monday through Friday the IAH will cover your security fees.

For events booked on a Saturday or Sunday, a minimum security fee of $60 per event, a four-hour minimum at $15 an hour, will be charged to the requesting department as well as $15 per hour for each additional hour. Groups that cancel events for which security has been booked within 14 days of the event will be charged a minimum security fee of $60.

Movers/Room Setup

The UNC Housekeeping Movers Crew is available to set up the space for your event. The IAH will book the movers for your event according to our space availability.

By requesting this service, your group will incur a minimum movers fee of $80 per event, a one-hour minimum for a crew of three movers. This amount will be charged to the requesting department in addition to $80 per hour for each additional hour.

We cannot accommodate mover requests with less than two weeks’ notice or for weekend events. Alternatively, your group may elect to set up the event space immediately prior to your event or as arranged with the IAH events coordinator.

By requesting this option, your group is agreeing to take the room as is, which may vary depending on the setup of the previous group. Your group takes responsibility for setting up any tables, chairs or other furniture, taking care to preserve its condition, which also means that your group will assume responsibility for any damages. We recommend that you have at least three people present to facilitate the move. IAH staff members (including the events coordinator) are not responsible for or available to step in to assist with moves. Your group may be expected to return the room to its original setup after your event.

Please note that if you plan to use risers, will require the services of the UNC Housekeeping Movers Crew at the $80 per hour rate to be booked twice. This covers setup and take-down.

Alcohol Policy

Alcoholic beverages (including mixed drinks, beer, wine and champagne) may be served under terms and conditions consistent with the laws of the state of North Carolina, the policies of the University and the policies of the IAH.

For more details see the attached alcohol policy form at this link: IAH Alcohol Policy Fill-in Form

If you are found to be in violation of this policy your group may be reported to the appropriate UNC administrative entity and your organization/department could suffer a revocation of catering privileges at Hyde Hall.

Technology Training

Groups who wish to use rooms with technology (Incubator, Seminar Room, and University Room) can receive training in advance by contacting Connor Esterwood at cte@email.unc.edu.

Cleaning Up

Groups who reserve Hyde Hall are responsible for leaving spaces as they found them. If food is served, please make arrangements to remove all food and trash, and clean any areas used for preparation and serving.

Trash should be placed in the large, lidded garbage can located in the Swain Parking Lot, near the back entrance to Hanes Art Center. No plates, cups, napkins, serving platters, food or other event-related items may remain in the room after the event ends. (Note: Many caterers offer clean up and trash removal as part of their contracted service.)
Cleanup may require returning the room to its original setup, at the discretion of the IAH.

Please do not leave the event space until all items have been removed by either your group or by the caterer. A checklist will be provided in your confirmation paperwork as well as printed out and placed in your event space prior to your event.

Violation of this policy or failure to complete all tasks outlined in the checklist provided will result in a $200 fine and the potential revocation of catering privileges at Hyde Hall for your organization/department. 


For most events, notice of cancellation must be given seven business days in advance. Events that require the arrangement of security or movers must be canceled at least three weeks in advance. All applicable fees will be assessed for reservations canceled on shorter notice.

  • If you cancel your booking with less than 5 business days notice you will be fined $50

We make every effort to guarantee event confirmations. However, the IAH reserves the right to make changes to an event in the rare case of conflict due to an internal IAH event or requests made by the Chancellor’s office, including moving your event to a different location within Hyde Hall or cancellation of your event. Should this occur, our events coordinator will notify you as quickly as possible and try to help your group secure another suitable location. No fees will be assessed in this situation.

Event Classifications

  • General Events

    • General events are classified as events by academic departments or centers within the College of Arts and Sciences that occur on a single day in a single space. Some examples of these types of events are: faculty retreats, job talks, receptions or dinners, academic lectures, etc.
  • Academic Conferences

    • Academic Conferences are multi-day bookings that encompass a variety of different sub-events around a single theme.These events are anticipated to utilize all three of our event spaces and are permitted to be scheduled further out than standard events.
    • All conferences require an in person consultation with the IAH Events Coordinator prior to a formal confirmation.
  • Specialty/VIP Events

    • Specialty/VIP Events are classified as events that require special accommodation and a higher level of discretion than standard events. Examples of events from this category are:
      • Donor events
      • Events featuring the UNC Chancellor, President, or other high-level official(s)
      • Events located in space other than the University Room, Incubator, and Seminar Room.
    • If you are applying for Specialty/VIP event space you will be charged a non-refundable $100 booking fee once your application has been approved. This fee covers the extra staff time and building preparations involved in preparing Hyde Hall for your event.
    • You will not be billed a cancellation fee should your specialty event be canceled.
  • ALP Forum Events

    • ALP cohorts have the exclusive privilege of being able to book spaces in Hyde Hall for cohort lunches, dinners, or other cohort events.
    • ALP cohort events that include other attendees beyond the cohort’s original members should be applied for using the general event space application above.

Publicizing Events

When publicizing your event, please indicate that it will be held at the Institute for the Arts and Humanities, Hyde Hall, followed by the room name and/or number.

You are also required to use the logos found below in any visual materials advertising or promoting your event.

Logos can be downloaded here

IAH Adverse Weather Policy

The IAH will defer to the UNC Human Resources policy to determine the level of service we offer in regards to events and building usage.

Please notify the Events Coordinator immediately via email at cte@email.unc.edu or via the emergency phone line at (765)-400-1424 if you plan to reschedule your event one of these conditions ends prior to 5 pm. We will not permit the rescheduling of events outside our regular business hours of 9 am to 5 pm as we will not be able to book security.

If UNC declares a Weather Condition 1:

Hyde Hall will remain open and hosting events at the discretion of the Events Coordinator and Director of Operations that take place during the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. All “after hours” events will be canceled. If an event is canceled under condition 1 circumstances, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

If UNC declares a Weather Condition 2:

Hyde Hall will close and will not be hosting any events during the time period that this condition is under effect. If an event is canceled under condition 2 circumstances, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

If UNC declares a Weather Condition 3:

Hyde Hall will close and will not be hosting any events. If an event is canceled under condition 3 circumstances, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

Please note that the IAH cannot guarantee movers or security during any UNC Weather Condition.

For more information, contact:

Ebony Johnson
Events Coordinator
(919) 962-0918